2019 my birth experience was … traumatic

Nobody was concerned I had been in labour for 10 days. I was told I wasn’t progressing in dilation and actually I had regressed (gone backwards). I was pushing for over 2.5hours, my baby was stuck and received no medical intervention, despite being told 40 mins previous the Doctors will be called if I hadn’t delivered in 8 minutes. My baby was born floppy, purple and unresponsive. She had had a HIE event, and went 10 minutes 46secs without oxygen. She suffered seizures as a result of the trauma. We were transferred to another hospital out of Birmingham where she had a specialist cooling treatment that lowers her body’s temperature to for 72 hours to prevent further brain damage. She has suffered brain damage as a result and how that would affect her, we were told is a waiting game. Around the age of 2, is when you normally see the affects, if developmentally affected at all. I started noticing around 3/4 months old signs that are consistent with cerebral palsy. A common diagnosis after brain trauma or baby’s that have suffered a HIE event. We have had many hurdles but currently suspect cerebral palsy. We didn’t receive the support or aftercare we both needed. I was discharged a couple of hours after giving birth so that I could travel with my baby, but I received no follow up. The hospital my little girl was transferred to picked up on this and had one of the midwives check me over after their clinics.
My midwife failed to communicate what was happening with me, when asked she replied “It just happens sometimes.”

I had the understanding that she needed just needed her airways clearing due to mucus or something. I couldn’t see them working on her due to the way the room was set up, but my partner and mom could.
We were considered low risk and baby’s poor condition at delivery was unexpected. Yet, if certain steps were taken, and I was listened to when sharing my concerns, I believe this disaster could have been prevented.
There was no overview of how many times me and family had called the labour department that week, they weren’t concerned she was 15 days late. I felt during delivery and also up until today, I am not taken seriously when voicing our concerns. That I’m a first time Mum and don’t know what I am talking about. But I know my body, and I know my baby.
I wasn’t told that my baby was showing signs of distress. I didn’t feel in control and I feared for my baby’s life.
I have been left traumatised over her delivery and also the aftermath. Her journey is still on-going due to the health issues it’s left her with. It’s completely changed my life. I suffer with postnatal depression and anxiety which I am now receiving treatment for, and also about to start specific birth trauma therapy. – Anon