We provide safe spaces and peer support for black women throughout pregnancy, birth, and early motherhood.

Our aim is to empower Black women and raise awareness of how to request and expect clinically & culturally safe, compassionate, and equitable maternity care.

Our practice is informed by community research, and data analysis of the Black birth experience here in Birmingham and we carry this out through our Maternity Ambassadors for Change programme.

We work to challenge the current system of maternity care that is leaving Black women four times more likely to die than white women and re-imagine and co-create maternity support systems that are safe for Black women and their babies.


If you are a Black perinatal woman who would like some information and peer support throughout your pregnancy, birth, and early motherhood journey, please join our Melanin Mumz Brum Group here.

This is a private space on Face Book where you will find out about our coffee mornings and birth preparation sessions and where you can ask questions, share your wisdoms or take a look.

If you are a moma or Black birth supporter who is interested in Black birth activism, please read up on and join our free Maternity Ambassadors for Change Programme here.


Our consultancy services  provide frameworks for developing equity in the black perinatal community, developing peer support for wellbeing and co-creation in maternity service development for better maternal outcomes. If you are interested in our consultancy services please contact us here

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