Who are the Maternity Ambassadors for Change (MACs)?

The MACs are local women who have recently experienced perinatal services in Birmingham. They have completed our pilot course covering the following modules. 

  • Leadership
  • Engaging with and understanding data
  • Skills in influencing successful social change
  • The importance of impact and organising
  • Facilitating community meetings and focus groups
  • Maintaining professional boundaries

“We are advocates for better perinatal services within the black community. We do this by collecting and analysing data from community lived & living experiences.” Amaka

The MACs through lived and living experience are in a unique position to gather data on the Black perinatal experience. They use surveys, lead small focus groups and co-ordinate perinatal community conversations focusing on the Black experience of pre-conception, pregnancy, birth, and early parenting including mental health and wellbeing.

The information that they gather is a starting point to identify the issues that are being faced by Black perinatal families.  The role of MEA with the help of MACs is to encourage systems change in Birmingham and the wider regional West Midlands for better maternity services. 


If you would like more information on how the MACs can support your organisation or needs or if you would like to be trained up as a MAC please contact us on