Did you feel listened to? Yes – to a point – had to be firm.

Why? [I had to tell the midwife] you are not the professional of my body and you need to relax. She was so panicked and I had to reinforce my birth plan. Mark knew I was delivering and with only 4 minutes Mark said Simone is ready now. The midwife seemed to relax briefly but then she was trying to create a panic simply because there was nothing to panic about. I had to came out of my ‘birthing’ state to tell her everything was OK. Postnatal Postnatally we were snowed in so we had no visitors and there was no overcrowding feeling. This is our lifestyle; it’s centred around us as a family. We practice 40 days not specifically but as part of our lifestyle. Mark makes sure I have 2 weeks bed rest and recovery was beautiful. Less tears and feeling overwhelmed, my mental health was so much better and there was an immediate emotional connection. We didn’t have to be anywhere else. [This is the big difference with being] in hospital and having to be discharged – it’s not pleasant. What kind of emotions did you have after the baby was born in 2017? Relaxed, confident, love for family, grateful. Midwives and health visitors are expecting you to be unwell. [We are told to expect a dip when the milk comes in] so you are waiting for the dip and if you don’t feel it you start creating it. But that emotion may even be happiness. Tips for women during pregnancy Consciousness is very important – what are we taking in on a whole? What is going to make us feel positive? Think about what you are listening to, watching and reading during pregnancy. Homebirth August 2020 Simone and Mark welcomed their son Hezekiah on the 12th August 2020. You can watch this calm and empowered homebirth unfold here https://youtu.be/bdTZdt8ZfSU on their You Tube channel.