Infant Feeding Support

It’s Here! Our infant and breast feeding WhatsApp support group for local Black maternal women.


We are so happy to announce that we have two trained Infant Feeding Peer Supporters who are ready to support you via our WhatsApp group.

Our aim is to;

  • Provide a non-judgmental safe space for the Black breastfeeding journey.
  • Help you feel confident and comfortable to breastfeed.
  • Conversations on how to breastfeed for longer.
  • Have non-judgmental conversations on formula feeding.
  • Discuss healthy weaning.
  • Pumps to help baby get breastmilk even if you may find it challenging.
  • Conversations on barriers to breastfeeding.
  • Conversations, guidance and support on pregnancy, birth and early parenting for Black women. 

To join our Infant Feeding WhatsApp group we will need to verify you to ensure the group is safe, so before you join please answer these questions in order to be contacted by one of our Peer supporters.

Our trained Infant Feeding Peer Supporters Natasha and Kamaria would like to share a short message with you.

“We are so excited and honoured to be able to provide this service for our community , after completing our training we realise how vital and important it is for us to create this space.”

Our aim as Infant Feeding Peer Supporters is to work with you to;

  • Build community and connection.
  • Tailor support and resources to your needs.
  • Address racial disparities in breastfeeding.
  • Be representative & empower the Black maternal feeding journey.
  • Have cultural understanding and sensitivity to your needs – because we’ve been there too. 

“Motherhood comes with so many challenges and if we can create a village to support Black mothers through one of the most important stages of their journey, hopefully the future for us all will be a little brighter.” 

If you do have any further questions before signing up please don’t hesitate to contact us at