Labour & Delivery

Did you feel listened to?
NO – I was under the impression that they would not allow me to go over 2 weeks because of previous c- section, yet when the time came, they did not seem as concerned because they did not have beds on the labour suite.

Did you feel valued?

NO – I told them my circumstance, (that) my husband had to travel and would miss the birth. I was told they would see what they could do but then nothing.

Did you feel empowered?

NO – I suggested going to different hospital where they could accommodate me. This request was ignored and nothing was done until there was an emergency.

[My] labour was short as my baby was in distress and I was taken into theatre.

What could have helped you have a better labour and birth experience?

If I was given the bed on labour ward and induced on time, I would not have panicked and may have had a natural birth. I wasn’t happy that I was left until my baby was showing signs of distress until I was taken to the labour ward.


How was your health and recovery once your son was born?

The neonatal staff were brilliant. I was able to be with my son after he was sent (to the unit). I was in 2 different bays whilst I was in hospital and though I was treated well by the staff I couldn’t help notice that I was placed in rooms where there were only women of colour. I was there for 5 nights.

My son was well taken care of during my stay at the hospital. Because of Covid-19, I’ve only had one call from the health visitor however I was able to get advice when I called.

I was quite emotional because my husband had missed the birth but I was able to cope mentally and physically.

Tips for new moms

Be assertive with what you want / feel for your birth.

Be prepared if your birth plan doesn’t go to plan and discuss this with your midwife beforehand.

If possible, keep active during your pregnancy it will help after birth.